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2018-11-23 23:42:34 530-410-xxxx Cool point the finger. Oh and how many other friends of mine are you calling and fucking with? Did you hack my phone or email or what? You accidentally showed me your raspberry pi.... Good to know I'm one of your targets
2018-11-23 23:43:31 530-410-xxxx Because if my friend isn't home, I'm not going pound on their door all day and ALL night long
2018-11-23 23:49:47 530-410-xxxx Oh no we are not having two convocation threads
2018-11-23 23:49:51 530-410-xxxx Deleting this
2018-11-24 00:11:15 530-410-xxxx Not don't 2 convos. So, bye now!
2018-11-24 00:11:21 530-410-xxxx ☺️
2018-11-24 01:09:49 530-410-xxxx What times did you send this
2019-01-12 00:12:44 530-410-xxxx I don't hate you. I'm just done with this
2019-01-12 00:13:28 530-410-xxxx I see you're still trying to tell me exactly what I feel and how my life is going to be. Maybe if you worked on being less controlling you'd have a better time too