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2019-01-12 12:44:23 609-592-xxxx Na you did it this time You did more than hoe talk you actually hit someone up just leave me alone
2019-01-12 12:55:29 609-592-xxxx If you know me you know me better that I wouldn't go to a hoe concert on Gianna's bday whatever
2019-01-12 12:55:53 609-592-xxxx That kids gay foh he didn't even look it
2019-01-12 13:05:21 609-592-xxxx You wouldn't be surprised lol word meg I'll tty
2019-01-12 13:09:47 609-592-xxxx Just bc we're like this doesn't I mean I go out and be a hoe that doesn't help anyone idky that even became a thing in the world
2019-01-12 13:11:40 609-592-xxxx I'm going to this bday party and stayin there that's it idc if you believe me
2019-01-12 13:21:15 609-592-xxxx Stupid
2019-01-12 13:39:10 609-592-xxxx What even is this
2019-01-12 13:40:04 609-592-xxxx It did mean somehting but if you read that big ass message I sent you would know how I really feel you don't put any effort to work w us you do stuff that you think makes me happy when all I want is your trust and love and I can't even get that
2019-01-12 13:52:11 609-592-xxxx You let your insecurities get in the way of our relationship all the time
2019-01-12 13:52:39 609-592-xxxx Glad you realize that
2019-05-07 15:29:19 609-592-xxxx ?
2019-05-08 06:03:15 609-592-xxxx I'm no gunna snap you like we're buddy buddy and the nervous one?
2019-05-08 06:11:26 609-592-xxxx Why do you do this every time
2019-11-08 13:00:49 609-592-xxxx You say the same shit literally every tome and I thought you were right at first but now bro, you just do this as guilt to make me feel bad so I could say yea meg let's be cool again, I'm not doing it again, I'm sorry if you feel that way but I don't mean to come off like that but now you said it so many times idek if you're fr anymore, stop hitting me up you said you would and you keep going enough is enough I'm not explaining myself to you anymore and the more you just keep textin all over the more you're wasting your breath
2019-11-08 13:01:40 609-592-xxxx You go outta your way to text me on free texting apps like cmon bro don't you clearly see I don't wanna do this anymore just stop