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Active Disposable Phone Numbers Countries

Disposable Numbers

Our site provides free temporary/disposable phone numbers to our users. We generate new disposable phone numbers every few weeks. Our system automatically creates new US numbers depending on how many people use our service. We don't charge you for using our service and we don't make you wait for receiving the SMS.

You can freely use these phone numbers for any purpose.

Receive and Verify SMS

You can receive SMS with the listed phone numbers at FreePhoneNum. The user can use the numbers to sign up for any services. All the SMS/text messages are automatically shown on the page as soon as we receive SMS/Text from the service. We are constantly looking to add new countries to our site.

Please email us at info[at]freephonenum[dot]com to request your country.

Freephonenum.com: Receive and Verify SMS Online Using Our Free Disposable number

Giving your own contact information to each one you meet isn’t a smart idea. Disposable number adds an additional layer of confidentiality once communication is needed however users don’t want to show personal or private numbers. Putting up things for sale on stores online using temporary numbers is indeed a smart way to talk to a stranger without revealing your personal number.

This is a free service where you can send and receive SMS online using any of our disposable numbers, which we use to dispose of once in two weeks. You must be feeling uneasy about giving away your personal number on the internet, so we are here for a rescue. We have a list of disposable number, which is completely whitelist and not-blocked by any service. In case, you are willing to verify any of your online accounts then, here you go. From the series of numbers, select any one of your choices and give that number in any web service or anyone in order to verify you, then you will see the sent SMS to instantly on the screen as soon as they sent you.

Our temporary phone number services are ideal for:
  1. Private conversation
  2. Temporary projects
  3. Online stores such as eBay, Amazon as well as Craigslist
  4. Social networks

FreePhoneNum.com strives to receive SMS online free of charge and make an assurance to stay it operational without charging any amount for receiving calls and messages. You can send many messages as you want to activate accounts which otherwise need personal details to confirm and verify. The best thing about this service is that there are no restrictions on how frequent or how many messages could be sent to virtual numbers. Once you’ve found the SMS service valuable, please share with others. We will appreciate your effort of spreading the good news to others!

At this point in time, there are lots of organizations and businesses are starting to demand contact information to confirm or activate account as well as to utilize their apps. Fortunately, with our virtual and disposable service lets you keep your personal number secret as gaining access to SMS online activated service from the diverse agencies and companies. We don’t retain any message information longer than one day.

The messages can be seen as soon as we get them and it automatically refreshes the content, so there is no need of reloading the page. The disposable numbers shown are disposable and temporary with totally new ones provisioned on a monthly basis. SMS / Text we receive is deleted permanently after 24 hours. FreePhoneNum.com is you leading temporary and disposable phone number service provider.

Well, why should you use our service to receive and verify SMS?

First, it’s free!

Here you can receive SMS free of cost and we will be able to provide this free using our advanced disposable number system.

We don’t track you to receive SMS!

We respect your privacy and we have a fair usage policy as well as Privacy policy to ensure you a reliable service. We don't keep any record of your usage and you can use it unlimited time as per your wish until we get a new disposable number.

Use it anywhere you wish!

You have the complete freedom to use it as per your choice, you can use it to verify your Google account, Amazon , Viber, Whatsapp, Line and other web services without any hassle.